Saudi Customs

Saudi Customs

Saudi Customs is the Governmental Authority responsible for facilitating the safe and efficient import and export of trade goods and associated services via land, sea and air in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.

The Authority is committed to achieving the ambitious goals set out in Saudi Arabia’s Vision 2030, which aims to diversify the Kingdom’s economy, attract international investment and drive overall growth through the adoption and implementation of groundbreaking technologies and innovative practices.

Through the application of effective and efficient procedures, Saudi Customs is delivering world-class customs services across its network of more than 40 ports, while working to establish the kingdom as one of the world’s premier logistics hubs, supporting the growth and diversification of the country’s economy. It is already one of the Kingdom’s biggest employers, with a workforce of more than 10,000 across the country.

Saudi Customs has developed a new roadmap, taking a pioneering approach to accelerating change across its operations through the adoption of new technologies that are simplifying and automating customs procedures and delivering world-class services to clients.

The Authority is currently trialling blockchain technology across Saudi Arabia’s network of ports, with an aim to aid existing validation and licensing requirements and speed the clearance of shipments, while ensuring the safety and security of the community.

The Authority’s efforts to streamline clearance processes has ensured that 80% of all imported goods clear customs within 24 hours of their arrival in the Kingdom, setting a benchmark for customs services in the region and delivering growth to the economy.

It is initiatives such as these that are support Saudi Arabia’s reputation internationally and positioning it as one of the world’s most vibrant, open and dynamic economies.