Inmarsat plc


Inmarsat sets the standard in maritime communications with the world’s most advanced commercial global mobile satellite network and is continuously investing in new technology to improve safety and life at sea, enhance vessel performance and build maritime communities.

With a rich heritage spanning more than 39 years, Inmarsat keeps the maritime industry connected with its highly-reliable broadband satellite network and its range of leading voice and data services.

Inmarsat is also powering the maritime data revolution to enable transition to the Internet of Things. Its latest Fleet Xpress service takes maritime communications to the next level, delivering high data speeds and guaranteed global bandwidth enabled by Global Xpress Ka-band combined with proven FleetBroadband L-band, in a managed package from a single supplier.  

In addition to the potential high data speeds unlocks for owners and operators, Inmarsat’s maritime digitalisation initiative has already yielded Fleet Secure Unified Threat Management for cybersecurity and Fleet Data - designed to use voyage data recorders as a real-time source of data.

Inmarsat also remains committed to continuous investment in maritime safety; launched earlier this year, the award-winning Fleet Safety service has already been fully approved for the IMO’s next generation of Global Maritime Distress Safety System. 

When it matters most, thousands of vessels depend on Inmarsat to optimise operational and environmental efficiency, enhance crew welfare and maximise safety at sea. 

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