Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI)

Mawani - Saudi Ports Authority

Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI) was established in 1976, as a specialized working system for constructing and managing Saudi ports in high efficiency level. Within few years only, MAWANI succeeded in transforming the Saudi ports to a vital economic feeder. After that, Saudi ports with its diverse specialties played an exceptional role in developing the regional and international maritime business, and transporting passengers, especially the visitors of holy places in the Kingdom.

MAWANI consists of 9 ports; 6 of them are commercial and the other 3 are industrial ports equipped with the latest necessary technologies and operational methods to welcome all types of maritime shipping modes, regardless of how it is developed, and to face all challenges and changes with confidence. Saudi ports have been internationally recognized for their development and growth in all economic sectors, which is reflected in receiving the largest share of exports and imports around the world.

MAWANI adopts an inclusive vision of stability and economic sustainability in local markets. MAWANI realizes the importance of the sector it represent and its decisive role in supporting the economic development process in various fields. This Vision transformed Mawani to an essential pillar that the country depends on in achieving its consecutive developmental plans, due to the fact the Mawani plays a major role in the commercial and industrial exchanging process between the Kingdom and the world. In addition to the strategic geographical location of the Kingdom, MAWANI has been internationally recognized for their development and growth in all economic sectors.