CSO Alliance

CSO Alliance

An expanding, global members-only risk management platform for the maritime, port and oil & gas sectors.

The problem

The international maritime sector is facing a constantly evolving and diverse threat. Piracy continues to threaten safe passage of our ships in several high-risk areas. Terrorism is an on going concern in the Southern Red Sea, while organised criminality is increasingly sophisticated. Today’s cyber threat is dynamic, with up to four hundred thousand malicious files detected daily and growing. 

We can all see the increasing costs of not being proactive in our risk management approach. Since January 2013 to September 2018 CSO Alliance has recorded 1203 successful ship boarding’s, impacting approximately 24,000 seafarers. This does not include in 7.5 years an estimated 5,500 stowaway incidents that have cost ship owners’ P&I clubs up to $90 million, with many costs not reclaimed, and impacted up to 100,000 seafarers.


We are a complex, fragmented and diverse group of critical industries that are essential to the global supply chain. We ship nearly 90% of the world’s trade ensuring food and energy security of almost 1.2 billion tons of oil and gas per annum. Security officers face unique challenges protecting ships, sensitive cargoes, crews and ports in a timely, reliable and efficient way, operating under tight financial constraints.

The Solution

CSO Alliance offers strength in ‘Security through Community’ by providing a secure platform for maritime, port and oil & gas security officers that facilitates incident reporting and analysis, as well as providing an expanding collaborative environment.  We are a one-stop-shop for a cost effective, threat-informed, risk-based approach to maritime security.