NL Netherlands
Stand No: R19
SA Saudi Arabia
Stand No: F1
IN India
Stand No: U10
SE Sweden
Stand No: F17

The BERGAFLEX system for sun and glare protection has been installed on a great number of ship bridges since the 1980s.

TR Turkey
Stand No:

Besiktas Shipyard is one of the best established ship building and ship repair yards of Turkey.Besiktas Shipbuilding offers a wide range ships of including Offshore Support Vessels, Chemical Tankers, Tugboats, Workboats, Pilot Boats and Crewboats. Besiktas Shipyard is the most active ship repair yard of the Mediterranean region having 150+ dockings per annum with 3 graving and floating docks up to 382 m.

TR Turkey
Stand No: P310
IN India
Stand No: P126
AE United Arab Emirates
Stand No: P407
AE United Arab Emirates
Stand No: W7

Bureau Veritas is one of the world's leading classification societies and offshore safety and verification bodies. A diverse network of 2,600 experts is dedicated to ship and offshore safety and efficiency. Bureau Veritas operates from 180 survey offices spread in 90 countries and is classing more than 11,300 ships totaling 111 million GRT.