Soo Chang

Soo Chang
Executive Director, Oceanus Offshore Sector
ADNOC's Arzanah Decommissioning Project

Majored in Marine Technology at College of Oceaneering & Studied Civil Engineering at University of New Orleans, USA.

Served with the Ships Salvage Unit, Korean Navy, 1995 and Worked at Superior Offshore International for 3 years in Gulf of Mexico.

Spent most of his professional career on all type of Salvage, Demolition Work and T&I Offshore Management on Major Field.

Since 2017, working as Senior Executive Director of Oceanus Offshore Sector for ADNOC's Arzanah decommissioning project


Decommissioning of Offshore Platforms

Tue, 30/10/2018 - 2:30pm to 4:00pmBreakout Theatre, Hall 6
Session Type: Hosted by The Royal Institution of Naval Architects UAE Branch
Session Track: Supporting Organisation