14 - 16 December 2020

Interact Live, From Around the World

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Discover an Inspiring Space for Creating Real Business Outcomes

Despite a year of global disruption, the maritime market has shown incredible resilience to keep global trade afloat. As we look towards the future, it has never been more critical for our community to meet, share ideas and forge meaningful connections that in turn, drive a stronger industry.

At Seatrade Maritime Middle East Virtual 2020, you have access to a virtual event teeming with real opportunity. Here, you'll find the latest technology, tools and resources you need to ensure your business not only keeps pace, but remains competitive during an unprecedented period of disruption.

The Same Opportunities as a Live Event, Reimagined to Fit Your New Normal

A Digital Experience, Curated for You

  • Join influential market thought leaders for a series of keynote webinar sessions, providing a macro look towards the biggest factors impacting the market and dive deeper with break-out, micro-level live content as specialists lead in-depth discussions on technical subjects.
  • Connect with proactive professionals through our innovative A.I. based match-making technology.
  • Source solutions and discover new suppliers on the virtual trade show floor.

Discover Intelligent Networking Solutions

Connect Online With Proactive Industry Professionals 

While our community might not be able to come together in person just yet, we're still committed to providing you with an exceptional networking experience.

Powered by A.I. and driven by behaviour, our intuitive networking platform matches you with those industry professionals relevant to you. 

You'll spend less time searching for the right contact and more time building a strong and purposeful connection.

Join a World-Leading Content Agenda

Learn Directly From Industry Influencers, Market Experts and Thought-leaders 

Gain indispensable insight into key themes, trends and challenges impacting our industry. 

From live keynotes through to targetted breakout webinars; inspiring leaders' forums and eductational classroom sessions, you'll have untapped access to learn directly from some of the brighest minds from our industry.

We look forward to announcing the full content agenda soon. 

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