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Explained: The Online Exhibitor Experience

What to Expect From an Online Event

While technology can’t replace the value of in-person networking, it can still offer fantastic opportunities for lead generation, building your network and identifying business outcomes. However, making the transition from a live event to a virtual event as an exhibitor is a relatively new concept for many.

Here’s our guide to exhibiting at a virtual event – and how to make the most out of your time online with us, too.

The Online Event Platform

From Exhibition Hall to Virtual Space

While we can’t come together in person just yet, our virtual event platform still offers a space for you to network, build relationships and make new connections.

During the event dates, attendees and exhibitors will be able to log in to the online event platform through individual log-in credentials and make use of the networking, meeting and matchmaking features.

Your Exhibitor Profile

"Building" Your Show Space

Your exhibitor profile is the main port of call for event attendees to interact with your business, learn about your services and request meetings.

Here, you’ll be able to showcase your brand, upload media and highlight products to create an engaging touchpoint for prospects. Attendees will find you through the supplier listings and event guide.

Although not quite a “virtual tradeshow”, you can think of this as being your booth - so the more time you invest in it, the greater your reward.

Setting Up Meetings

Request and Receive Invitations

Before and during the online event, you’ll be able to search through the attendee list and request meetings with those who match your buyer

You will be able to host these meetings through the online event platform or set up separately if you wish.

When a meeting is accepted, a calendar invite will be sent to mark both calendars.

Only exhibitors and attendees with a premium pass are able to log into the platform early.

Matchmaking and Networking

Real-time Networking Solutions

While there is no replacement for the power of face to face networking, our online event platform allows you to experience seamless, AI-powered matchmaking

The matchmaking engine uses information entered on your profile to connect you with other users who match your objective. The engine
then learns from your networking behaviour to refine and optimise the networking recommendations you receive – so the more you use it, the better your networking experience will be.

You can also search for specific persons or companies and reach out to make a connection.

Lead Generation

Receive Notifications from Potential Prospects

Exhibitors will receive notifications about registered attendees whose behaviour qualifies them as an inbound lead.

A profile will show up as an inbound lead if they have:

  • Connected with other team members, company profile, products
  • Accepted meetings with other team members, company profile, products
  • Viewed the profile of any team member, company profile, products
  • Attended any content sessions your brand has sponsored

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