Frequently Asked Questions: Online Exhibitors

If you have a question about exhibiting at Seatrade Maritime Middle East Virtual that isn't answered below, please get in touch with the team.

There are three bundles available for you to chose from: Basic, Enhanced and Platinum.

For more information on pricing and bundle details, please download the Exhibitor and Sponsor Prospectus.

Unlike some online events that give exhibitors a simulated 3D booth, our platform offers a more sophisticated online presence for exhibitors.

Each online exhibitor is given a space to build a profile that can feature all the information you want to share with attendees in one central place. This includes a company logo and description; product showcases; videos; outbound links to collateral; social networks and more. 

At a glance, here is an example of an exhibitor profile:

There are several ways in which an attendee can find your online booth:

   They can browse the entire list of exhibitors A-Z

>    Search for your company name specifically

>    Filter the list of exhibitors by products offered

   Find you via one of your company representatives

   Be “matched” with one of your company representatives if the system detects a potential mutual interest

Much like visitors finding you, as an exhibitor, you can search for visitors based on criteria that you determine.

For example, you might be looking for Fleet Managers and you can use that criteria in your search. However, you can also browse all visitors, search on a multitude of other demographic criteria or utilise the “Recommendations” that our online event platform will proactively push to you.

These recommendations will match you with visitors where a mutual interest is identified based on the criteria both you and they have shared.

Lead generation at Seatrade Maritime Middle East Virtual 2020 is very similar to that of a live event.

If a visitor chooses to share their contact details with you, you can collect those and use them within the relevant data protection regulations that are relevant to your business and the situation at hand after the event.

Inbound Leads

Additionally, you will also recieve notifications about inbound leads. This happens when a registered attendees interacts with your brand to a level that qualifies them as an inbound lead.

A profile will show up as an inbound lead if they have:

>    Connected with other team members

>    Accepted meetings with other team member

>    Viewed the profile of any team member, company profile, products

   Attended any content sessions your brand has sponsored

Matched Networking is a fantastic way of being introduced to attendees who matter most to your business.

On registration, the attendee is asked several questions to define their objectives for the event. The registration system is then able to match you to attendees who have a common business interest. You will find a list of matches when you login to the event.

You can take 3 types of action immediately on these matches: 

Skip – this is an anonymous way to let the platform know this person is not of interest. They will be removed from your matches and the system will learn from this action.

Show Interest – like a handshake, this is where you can mark an attendee as someone of interest. It notifies them of your action and saves them in your “Interested” list.

Request a Meeting – this will bring up a window to arrange a 1-to-1 video call (all housed within the event platform so no external software required!)

In short, no.

The more you’re available at your booth, the more opportunities you can capitalise on - the same as a live event.

However, the platform will send you notifications to your inbox so if you and your team are away from the platform, you won’t miss any inbound opportunities. You just won’t be proactively searching for opportunities.

There are several ways to talk to people during the event while staying within the platform:

>    Online chat

>    Private messaging

>    Video call

No, all meetings are arranged and housed within the virtual event platform.

Once a meeting has been arranged, you will receive a notification when an attendee has joined the meeting as a prompt for you to join too. 

Once in a meeting, you can toggle the video feed on/off, share your screen or add others to your meeting. There is also a "chat box", which enables you to share information and links for future reference.