Keynote: The Case For Optimism

The conference at SOMWME 2019 will open with the most anticipated conversation of the year - "The Case for Market Optimism".

ABS is sponsoring the Case for Optimism at Seatrade Offshore Marine and Workboats Middle East 2019

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What’s up for discussion?

Monday 23 September, 11:00am – 12:30pm | Madinat Jumeirah

The first quarter of 2019 saw signs of an upturn in the offshore marine market, which resulted in both improved utilisation and firmer rates for offshore vessel owners. Optimism is on the horizon – but there are questions still unanswered.

  • Will oil company E&P spending and rig utilisation continue to edge upwards? 
  • Is the offshore marine market finally on the way back?
  • And if so, what will stronger trading conditions look like for an industry sector which has endured an unprecedented period of overcapacity?

A panel of pioneering influencers will take to the stage and attempt to answer the biggest questions posed to the recovery of the offshore marine market. Expect differing views as each speaker presents their opinion on sustained recovery and consider the structural changes which will inevitably follow a long-lasting downturn.

The Story Behind the Keynote

The price of oil is one of the most scrutinised trends in global economics throughout the 21st century. Between 1999 and 2008, demand from emerging economies and production cuts saw crude oil prices rise by over 500% - truly an oasis for businesses involved in the offshore marine industry.

Yet fast forward ten years and it’s a very different story.

Following a tempestuous crash that sentenced the industry to the dark depths of a four-year downturn, the offshore marine market has been through nothing short of a maelstrom. A global recession saw demand deteriorate and prices plummet; causing offshore marine activity to grind to a near halt. Conceivably the worst downturn since the 1980s, only now is recovery upon the horizon.

Meet the Leaders Leading the Conversation

The speakers will soon be announced for Seatrade Offshore Marine and Workboats Middle East 2019

Speaker Announcement Coming Soon

The brightest minds, pioneers and leaders from the offshore marine market will lead the keynote at Seatrade Offshore Marine and Workboats Middle East 2019 - and you'll find it here, first. Check back soon for more information.

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Cast Your Vote and Have Your Say

Our speakers will set the scene, but it is down to you to have the final say. Get your voice heard as we conclude our opening keynote with a deciding vote on the case for optimism.