Offshore Marine Reports and Whitepapers

As we countdown to Seatrade Offshore Marine and Workboats Middle East, you can keep up-to-speed with the latest offshore marine updates with our expertly-curated content.

The 2020 IMO 0.5% fuel sulphur regulation

The 2020 IMO 0.5% Regulation

In this whitepaper you can explore the few options Shipowners have to choose from to comply with the regulation, while refiners are expected to make changes to refinery configuration and production in response to market demand.

The Next Generation of Offshore & Workboats Seafarer

The Next Generation of Offshore and Workboats Seafarers

The latest Seatrade Maritime News whitepaper provides you with a comprehensive overview of this growing challenge and examines how a lack of experienced seafarers could reach a critical point in the future.

The State of the Offshore & Workboat Industry 2017

The State of the Offshore & Workboat Industry 2017

In the general workboat arena, project spending has been delayed to some extent as governments wrestle with fiscal deficits. But the backdrop could change faster than many expect as firmer oil prices generate confidence and new technologies offer more efficient