Disrupter Presentations

Disrupter Presentations at Seatrade Offshore Marine and Workboats Middle East

12:00pm – 12:45pm | Tuesday 24 September 2019

Speaker Panel and Content Agenda Announced!

A brand new feature for Seatrade Offshore Marine and Workboats Middle East (SOMWME), Disrupter Presentations is an opportunity to learn from the pioneers disrupting our industry as we know it.

Following a rigorous application process, three speakers have been selected to lead Disrupter Presentations from the front. Each will not only share how they are spear-heading the development and use of new technology – but also how this technology could revolutionise the offshore marine market.

Moderated by Todd Benjamin, former CNN Financial Editor and International Broadcaster, join us for this great session.

What's on the Agenda for Disrupter Presentations?

Improving Safety and Reliability with Holistic Towline System Design

Samson Rope Technologies

The demand for stronger towlines in diverse operations and the expansion of sophisticated winch technologies has resulted in a wide range of towline systems being utilized within the ship-assist industry.

Throughout this session, we will explore and recommend prevalent towline arrangements and highlight an innovative rope technology designed to address the middle ground between heavy traditional fibre ropes and high-modulus synthetic lines. A systematic residual testing and retirement program will be defined to effectively manage risk and rope service life, ultimately lowering total cost of ownership.

Hybrid Propulsion for Future Offshore Marine Vessels

MAN Energy Solutions

From adapting to suit diverse operation profiles and fluctuating power demands, a hybrid propulsion system is often best suited to cope with the required variances in offshore vessel performance.

Propulsion power is delivered by a combination of mechanical power delivered by diesel engines and electric power provided by electric motors. This combination gives a vessel a broad operational capability and provides the right amount of power and torque to the propeller in each operation mode.

There is a need for a smart solution which provides ship owners and operators with vessel optimisation, fuel efficiency and emission reduction – which we will dive into throughout this session.

Onboard wireless connectivity, IoT for Maritime industry


How will new technology have an impact on creating safer, smarter and greener shipping?

ScanReach has developed IoT enabling technology for the Maritime industry for moving into the future. This session will aim to answer how can the industry can benefit from such technology. 

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