Qatar Ports Management Company (MWANI QATAR)

Qatar Ports Management Company (MWANI QATAR)

Qatar Ports Management Company – Mwani Qatar is a Qatari shareholding company established in 2009.

Mwani Qatar manages seaports, quays, dry ports, container and other terminals, including cruise and passengers, and provides navigation assistance and pilotage, towage as well as Aids to Navigation (AtoN) in addition to loading/unloading and handling and storage of cargoes in all forms. The company is closely involved in the development of seaports and related services to the highest internationally recognized standards of safety, security and quality.

The strategic goal of Mwani Qatar is to transform Qatari ports into the ports of choice for all port users, including main shipping lines through efficient operations and enhanced customer focus. Mwani Qatar endeavors to consolidate its leading position locally for a strong regional and international presence as a leading integrated port and logistics services provider.

The company owns and manages three main commercial ports in Qatar: Doha Port (Cruise terminal), AlRuwais Port and Hamad Port, which will connect Qatar’s commercial trade links with the world.

Mwani Qatar along with Qatar Tourism Authority will develop the cruise tourism industry in Qatar. Doha Port will be redeveloped into a fully-fledged cruise and leisure yacht terminal facility.

Mwani Qatar (Qatar Ports Management Company)
P.O. Box 313,
Doha, Qatar
Tel: +974 44993333