Atousa Mahmoudpour

Atousa Mahmoudpour speaking at Iran Investment Forum
Head of Iran Desk
Fichte Legal Consultants

I am a British/Canadian qualified lawyer practicing law since 2008.  Before joining Fichte & Co, I spent over four years in Iran, establishing my international legal practice where I gained hands-on experience with the Iranian market, Iranian laws, and a well-established network of private and public sectors.   

I run a two-fold practice at Fichte & Co.  I advise my clients interested in entering Iran's emerging market with international compliance, due diligence, sanctions-related matters, and the Iranian rules and regulations including the steps towards demonstrating a presence in Iran, whether physical or contractual, and the necessary protections needed to be established successfully. 

Additionally, living in Iran has given me the opportunity to develop strong connections with different industries, influential individuals and organizations. I assist my clients by introducing and matching them with the right entities in Iran.  I accompany my clients through the steps so they can conduct business in the safest and most efficient way.