Mohammad Al Awadhi - Drydocks World Dubai (a DP World Company)

Corporate Excellence Award Judge

Mohammad Al Awadhi has worked across various departments related to Business Excellence best practices and implementation. His experience spans across Strategic Planning & Implementation systems, Quality Management, Business Excellence models, and HSE Management. He has grown through the various management positions into a leadership roll with more responsibilities both locally & globally, and currently is the Head of HSEQ & Business Excellence Division and serves as a Director on the Board of Directors of DDPM, which is a joint venture investment between Drydocks World (a DP World Company) & a Government of Dubai entity for a Yacht Shipyard in Montenegro.  

Mohammad Al Awadhi has served as a member on several committees of Government of Dubai owned organizations related to Strategy & Business Excellence including being a Committee Member in the Maritime Industrial Strategy Committee established by the Government of Dubai to position Dubai as one of the world’s leading maritime business centers. He has also formerly served as a Board member / Director on the DDW-Paxocean Board of Directors representing his organization’s maritime business investments in Singapore and Indonesia.