An Interview with Chair of Judges Tony Field, Lloyd's Register

16 July 2020

Seatrade Maritime Awards Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa opened for entries last week.

Our team set up a call with the new Chair of Judges Tony Field to learn more about the judging process and to discuss the prestige behind the most powerful maritime award programme in the region.

How important do you think it is that our industry recognises excellence? And how does that process help?

I think any Industry should recognise excellence. I believe that recognising outstanding achievements helps companies to improve.

For example, I know many companies wish to tailor themselves on the best. And this could be in different areas depending on what part of the company’s operation it is. Whether it is safety, commercially astute or agility to change, one may look at different companies which excel in those areas.

This is the first year you will be joining the judging panel as the Chair of Judges for Seatrade Maritime Awards. What are you looking forward to and what’s important to you in overseeing the process?

“Looking forward to” is threefold really.

Firstly, working with other Judges. You have selected an excellent team to be judges, and it will be an honour to work with them this year.

Secondly, seeing all the applications as I expect many will be amazing! And though, unfortunately, not all will be able to make it to the shortlist, it will show that the companies applying feel that they are a “leader” in an area and therefore are contributing to the improvement of our Industry.

Thirdly, learning… everyone has to keep learning, the shipping industry is rapidly evolving and all of us need to strive to keep up with changes!

“Important in overseeing the process” – I would say fairness. Each of the applicants will be hoping to be recognised and judged fairly based on their achievements and not company size or revenue. It is my task to lead the judging team to ensure everyone’s application is judged on its merits. As I’ve already mentioned, you have already gone a long way to that goal by selecting the experienced judging team, and I look forward to working alongside them.

The purpose of the awards is to provide a platform for the industry to showcase excellence. Having seen the judges at work last year during your hand over with Joe Brincat, previous Chair of Judges, what advice would you give to entrants when compiling their entries?

My advice is - be passionate about your entry.

Ensure that you meet all the document requirements for your entry.

Clearly identify what you and your company has excelled at in the last year when submitting your entry.

And remember to provide evidence on how your service, initiative or achievement has benefited you and hopefully others.

Even though the spotlight is on the award winners and finalists, the night is also about celebrating everyone’s hard work within the industry. As a past attendee, how you would describe your experience at the Seatrade Maritime Awards ceremony?

Seatrade is one of the few organisers who is listening to the Industry.

The Seatrade Maritime Awards’ ceremony in Dubai is evolving each year and has also improved in content in both the professional side and in making it a very pleasant evening for all attendees.


Now in its 17th year, Seatrade Maritime Awards Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa celebrates the success and inspiring stories of individuals and companies in the region.
The eight new award categories focus primarily on the achievements over the last 12 months.
The winners of the Seatrade Maritime Awards Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa 2020 will be announced LIVE online on 14th December during the most prestigious maritime event of the year.