An Interview with Seatrade Maritime Awards Judge Romesh David

23 September 2020

17th edition of Seatrade Maritime Awards Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa is now open for entries.

Our team caught up with Romesh David, Chief Executive Officer of South Asia Gateway Terminals  to talk about the judging process and the importance of recognition of the maritime excellence.

How important do you think it is that our industry recognises excellence? And how does that process help?

As a global business with multiple stakeholders, I believe that raising the bar constantly in terms of protecting the environment and innovating for improvement are critical elements which are addressed through recognition of best practices and excellence. Industry awards play a useful role in this process.

As a previous judge, what do you enjoy most about being in the panel and what’s important to you in the process?

Interaction with experts who have diverse experience from around the region and around the globe is an exciting part of serving on a panel. The robustness of the debate on the entries is a key element of the process.

The purpose of the awards is to provide a platform for the industry to showcase excellence. Having judged the Seatrade Maritime Awards before, what advice would you give to entrants when compiling their entries?

The best advice I could give would be that entries be data and fact driven rather than articulations in prose. Actions always speak louder than words and showcasing achievements with facts and numbers make an entry much more compelling.

What three things would you say to someone who was dubious of entering their project for an award to convince them to do so?

  1. It is a great opportunity to showcase excellence in a globally competitive industry.
  2. It provides a platform for exhaustive peer review which could lead to improvement.
  3. It is a great motivator to key stakeholders and employees.


Now in its 17 year, Seatrade Maritime Awards Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa celebrates the success and inspiring stories of individuals and companies in the region.
The eight new award categories focus primarily on the achievements over the last 12 months.
The winners of the Seatrade Maritime Awards Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa 2020 will be announced LIVE online on 14 December during the most prestigious maritime event of the year.