Discover Sponsorship Opportunities with Seatrade Maritime Awards

Discover powerful sponsorship solutions, crafted to both support your objectives and deliver measurable return on your investment.

At Seatrade Awards, we believe that what we do has greater value that just handing out another award trophy.

We’re passionate about creating opportunities that not only recognise industry success, but also support necessary innovation and industry progress that leads to growth. As our industry sits on the cusp of change, we believe that there has never been a greater time to empower our community. 

If our values speak to your brand values, we’d love to welcome you to join us.

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Find the right solution for your brand

Regardless of budget or brand objectives, your business can benefit from our collection of off-the-shelf packages or tailor-made solutions that feature:

  • Award category sponsorship
  • Thought leadership opportunities
  • Multimedia and broadcast branding
  • Networking sponsorship

Got something more bespoke in mind? We're listening.