Young Person of the Year Award 2020

The Young Person of the Year Award recognises the accomplishments of the exceptional young people in the maritime industry. 

Open to nominees in all industry segments, this Award honours an under 35-year-old professional who has made an outstanding contribution to the regional shipping and maritime industry in the last 12 months. 

All nominees are invited to submit a short summary of their achievements by 27th August 2020.

What judges will be looking for:

  1. Your exceptional personal story, career and any notable additional information
  2. Details about the key innovative ideas you have introduced, or developed, that have created uniqueness and competitive advantage for your company and/or impacted the wider industry if applicable
  3. Evidence of your growth and how you have achieved your key milestones over the last 12 months
  4. Details about your business philosophy and how it has driven improvement in performance over the last 12 months

Conditions of Entry:

  1. Entrants may submit entries in more than one category. If submitting more than one entry, a separate form must be completed for each. 
  2. No entry will be considered by the judges if the entry summary is not complete.
  3. No correspondence will be entered into concerning the eligibility of any application.
  4. The Seatrade Editorial Board shall have sole and absolute discretion in determining whether or not an application meets the requirements of, or is in accordance with, these rules and conditions.
  5. Nominations must provide sufficient information relevant to the criteria. Accuracy of figures and other information is essential.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Our team can provide advice and talk you through the entry process in more detail.