Ship Agent Award 2020

Do you deliver to the highest standards, whilst improving efficiency and services?

Do you make sure you proactively drive improvement from a commercial and environmental perspective?

Have you introduced new services that affect development and growth of the maritime sector in your region? 

The Ship Agent Award recognises those companies that are committed to improving and enhancing efficiency, demonstrate an awareness of environmental responsibility and go beyond standard services to further simplify administration and logistics to their clients.

This award will go to the company that best demonstrates the following:

  1. Examples of how your company is improving and enhancing efficiency 
  2. Initiatives deployed to simplify administration and logistics for ship owners and operators
  3. Evidence of environmental protection, including any unique innovations
  4. Examples of how your company stands out as a front-runner compared to others
  5. Ongoing performance and success measures

Previous Winners

Kanoo Shipping (2019)
Kanoo Shipping​ (2018)

Conditions of Entry:

  1. Entrants may submit entries in more than one category. If submitting more than one entry, a separate form must be completed for each. 
  2. No entry will be considered by the judges if the entry summary is not complete.
  3. Seatrade reserves the right to publish, in whole or part, details of any entries submitted for the Seatrade Maritime Awards 2020, following announcement of the shortlist.
  4. All entries for the Seatrade Maritime Awards 2020 must be received by 23.59 GMT on Thursday 27th August 2020.
  5. No correspondence will be entered into concerning the eligibility of any application.
  6. The judges shall have sole and absolute discretion in determining whether or not an application meets the requirements of or is in accordance with these rules and conditions.
  7. Seatrade Maritime Award winners are requested by the judges to give an update on the progress of their winning entry in future years.
  8. Entries must include sufficient information relevant to the criteria to enable the judges to have a clear understanding of the process, product or procedure involved, its merits and resulting benefits. Accuracy of figures and other information is essential.
  9. The entry must have been developed (and proven successful) or debuted within the evaluation year (from July 2019 onward). Repetition of a previous entry is not considered original and will be marked down. However, if significant improvements and/or developments have been made in comparison to the previously submitted entry subject, then the entry will be judged on full merit.
  10. Any supporting material or additional information (website, video’s, brochure’s etc.) will be considered as supplementary information but not as the entry itself which should be submitted using the form and fields provided.

If you have any questions, please get in touch. Our team can provide advice and talk you through the entry process in more detail.