Seatrade Maritime Awards Categories

There are eighteen categories to choose from and each entry will be judged on achievements by companies or individuals in each of the criteria set out below.

Please note that all nominations will need to clearly demonstrate their link with the Middle East, Indian Subcontinent & Africa regions.

Corporate Excellence Awards

Entries for these categories are judged by a dedicated indepdent judging panel.

This award recognises the very best in safety and quality improvement initiatives. It highlights excellence in technical and procedural improvement initiatives that lead to a reduction of risk to life at sea/ land. 

Judges will be supported by a range of Lloyd’s List Intelligence vessel data for inspections, deficiencies, detentions, casualties and survey timeliness.

This award recognises an educational institution, commercial organisation or an individual that has made a major contribution to maritime education and training in the region. 

This award recognises a leading corporate social responsibility (CSR) policy or initiative delivered in the last year including, but not  limited to, its response to the COVID-19 pandemic. The pandemic has also created a unique set of challenges for maritime companies’ relationships with their employees, stakeholders, and with the communities they operate in.

Industry Performance Awards

Entries for these categories are judged by a dedicated indepdent judging panel.

Identifying the regional shipping company from any sector which has responded most effectively to the challenging market conditions of the previous 12 months through operating flexibility or the adjustment of its offering to new normal trading conditions

This award recognises a small-medium sized business which has demonstrated excellence and innovation within the industry. Entrants will need to demonstrate innovative solutions they have implemented and the impact this has on the industry.

A small-medium sized business with annual sales of less than US $50 million.

This award recognises the shipyard and/or ship repair facility which has excelled in meeting the needs of its customers and advancing the technical capability, cost efficiency, environmental reputation and safety culture of the sector. 

Technical Innovation Awards

Entries for these categories are judged by a dedicated indepdent judging panel.

This award recognises a technical or technological project, product or process that has resulted in improved efficiencies, lower operating costs and/or environmental benefits.
This Award will recognise the introduction of a new product, procedure or measures which will significantly improve the shipping industry’s progress towards its environmental goals. Entrants will need to demonstrate actual or forecast reductions to emissions such as greenhouse gases or sulphur oxides, or other measured improvements which enable sustainable maritime transport and show ambition beyond simple regulatory compliance.

Logistics Excellence Awards

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Entries for these categories are judged by a dedicated indepdent judging panel.

This award recognises a port or terminal operator that has consistently demonstrated all-round operational excellence regardless of the type of cargo handled, maintained the highest standards of operational cost efficiencies, efficient automation systems, increased digital innovation, sustainable operations and customer service delivery. With judges looking for indications of sustained commitment to this above criteria, the successful nominees should be able to demonstrate exceptional innovation, continued commitment to enhanced supply-chain solutions, improved efficiency, profitability and successful investment in port or terminal operations.

This award will recognise a new technology or system or a new infrastructure development introduced in the past year, which has made a significant contribution to the advancement of efficiency in the door to door movement of cargo.

Editorial Choice Awards 

Nominations for these awards are invited from the regional business community and the winners chosen by Editorial representatives from Seatrade and Lloyd’s List.

This award, celebrating best in class, will go to the principal, the financial institution, or the practitioner primarily responsible for what judges deem the most significant deal in the maritime industry over the past 12 months.
This Award recognises an individual or organisation that has demonstrated a particular commitment to achieving equality/diversity in a business environment. Supporting evidence should be provided to illustrate a commitment to a diversity culture
Presented to an individual under 35 who has made an outstanding contribution to the industry.
This award is presented to an individual who has made a major contribution to the shipping industry in any field.
In a year of unprecedented global uncertainty, this award recognises an individual or organisation from within the region that has responded in an exceptional way to the special challenges which have been posed to the industry in serving its customers
This award is to honour an individual who has made a significant and lasting contribution to shipping and the maritime industry.