Tidewater Al Rushaid

Tidewater owns and operates one of the largest fleets of OSVs (Offshore Support Vessels) in the industry, with over 60 years of experience supporting offshore energy exploration and production activities worldwide.

Tidewater created the “work boat” industry with its 1956 launch of the Ebb Tide, the world’s first offshore vessel tailor-made to support the offshore oil and gas industry. Today, Tidewater is the leading and most experienced provider of OSVs in the global energy industry.


PACC Offshore Services Holdings Ltd. (“POSH”) is a leading offshore marine services provider with some 60 years of operating experience and specialized expertise in offshore and marine oilfield services. With a young and diverse fleet of over 100 offshore vessels, we serve multiple segments of the offshore oil and gas value chain and are known to be a best-in-class service provider.

dnata Offshore & Marine

For over 50 years, we have built a reputation for excellence that has earned us awards for our service and safety standards. Today, we are still growing. As we raise our profile around the world, we aim to become the most admired airline services provider. It’s what drives us to deliver each promise our customers make.