Saudi Aramco Marine Department

Saudi Aramco

Marine Department Overview

The Marine Department is a vital part of Saudi Aramco’s Industrial Services Business Line. The department has a reliable fleet of vessels to provide an assortment of Marine Services in order to support the exploration, production and transportation of oil, in and around Saudi Aramco’s offshore concession areas.

From the expansion into offshore operations at Karan, Arabiyah and Hasbah to the current offshore fields at Manifa, Safaniyah, Marjan and beyond, Saudi Aramco’s marine operations continue to contribute to the national economy and advance the Kingdom’s development.

The marine fleet operates from a number of ports in the kingdom and operates 24 hours, 365 days per year.


Historical Background

In 1938, after oil was discovered in Saudi Arabia in commercial quantities, it was essential to establish marine services in Ras Tanura to support the transportation of oil to the international oil market.

With the rapid increase in offshore exploration and production, along with the increasing demand for marine support and services, marine services was transformed into an independent department in 1974 under the Industrial Services Business Line.

Since then, the Marine Department has continued to expand to support oil exploration, drilling, production and transportation in the Eastern Region and also to support oil transportation in the Western Region after the company was entrusted with the responsibility of running the oil exporting operations in 1993.