Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI)


Saudi Ports Authority (MAWANI) was established in 1396 (1976). In 1438 (2017) the Council of Ministers Issued approval for the new structure of Mawani to be independent both financially and administratively. Consequently, its Board of  Directors have come to enjoy further capabilities, improving its supervisory, coordinating and legislative role and doing business on a commercial basis .


An effective encouraging for competitiveness authority that supports the development plans and the diversity of KSA’s economy with going with the flow of the international developments of ports sector.


Working to build a solid ground for the status of Saudi Ports Authority as a leader of ports sector which link the national economy with international market and the unstoppable work to develop establishments and working force to reach to the highest standards of efficiency and continuously.


- Establish and manage an effective and safe organization, with an open and inclusive culture aiming to enhance team spirit, and allowing Saudi ports to contribute in competitiveness.

- Enhancing the competiveness of the ports sector, while considering the port’s clients as key players in developing the strategic system of Saudi ports.

- Enhancing renewed solutions to facilitate operational efficiency.

- Recognizing Saudi Ports Authority as the leader in environmental services and response through activating practices that reduce or eliminate the effects of ports operations and their impact on the environment and the health risks it poses to society.

- Ensuring a safe environment for individuals, assets and cargo, and facing impacts on communities surrounding Saudi ports.

Saudi Ports’ Future Prospects as per the 2030 vision

Apart from the Saudi Ports’ role in facilitating export and import operations and meeting demands of economical, industrial, commercial institutions and individuals, Mawani seeks to achieve a significant shift in management methods, operational performance levels and raising productivity rates in line with the economic diversification and the Kingdom’s vision 2030, through encouraging local and international companies to increase investments and introduce advanced services in the this sector, in addition to its specialized technical and marine jobs localization plans.