Nautical Control Solutions, LP

More than a decade ago, FUELTRAX began as a project to help Kirby Inland Marine more accurately measure fuel consumption to improve the efficiency of their vessels.

Today, FUELTRAX is the world’s leading fuel management solution, installed on over 500 vessels and counting— ranging from small inland tugs to offshore supply vessels to oceangoing tankers. FUELTRAX monitors over 2,000 fuel consumers daily, providing data for improving performance and generating cost savings.

FUELTRAX is compatible with any vessel, engine or fuel, in any location in the world. It offers secure, smart monitoring with direct fuel measurements and advanced data analytics, helping customers reduce costs, ensure compliance, and enhance performance. Accuracy and quality of fuel measurements continue to set FUELTRAX apart as the vanguard in Electronic Fuel Monitoring Systems, driving successful operational change and improvements for our clients.

Looking into 2020, FUELTRAX continues to look at how to improve operations for clients based on their feedback. Most recently, weather tracking and video surveillance monitoring have been added to the fuel monitoring solution based on client feedback for improvements. System reliability and data delivery remain top priorities for clients, and FUELTRAX meets this charge with an unprecedented 99% up-time.

FUELTRAX empowers customers with increased transparency in reporting. This transparency allows for improved inventory control and loss prevention, especially in areas subject to pilferage, piracy, or other common causes of inventory loss. Before FUELTRAX, this level of insight to operations wasn’t available to vessel owners. Through eliminating the need for human input, FUELTRAX makes fuel reporting a trusted, automated, secure, and reliable solution. All to drive improved efficiencies in fuel consumption and fuel quality assurance.