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A global gathering of senior technical specialists discussing the emerging technologies

Attending ShipTech Middle East provided some leading insights to industry trend and cutting edge technologies. A well organized event complimented with an equally good venue.
- Abbas Sabuwala, Head Info. Sec. & Sup Systems, United Arab Shipping Co.

With a focus on technical innovation and its impact on the maritime industry, renowned industry experts at Seatrade ShipTech Middle East will provide their views on how the industry has progressed so far in a world that is embracing digitalisation, highlighting gaps and opportunities for development and growth in digital innovation and technology adoption. The event is designed to explore and identify the take away strategies for the Middle East and how the region can best apply technology to maximise energy efficiency, fuel economy and safety in shipping.

Seatrade ShipTech Middle East is the UAE Maritime Week hub for maritime knowledge, insight, business development and industry engagement.

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