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Press badges are available for working media journalists, editors and influencers within the maritime, business and relevant industries. 

To qualify for a complimentary media pass, applicants must cover the maritime industry or related vertical on a regular basis and present at least one article from the past six months if requested. All members of the press in attendance at Seatrade ShipTech London will be required to prove coverage of the event within one month of the event trading.

For more information on press registration, please contact the Marketing and PR Team.

About Seatrade ShipTech London

Seatrade ShipTech London is a dedicated, one-day technical conference coming to the City of London.

Held in association with UK Chamber of Shipping, Seatrade ShipTech London will host ground-breaking discussions on the biggest technological trends and regulatory developments during this period of critical industry change.

Drawing on both the policy expertise of UK Chamber of Shipping and half a century of Seatrade Editorial virtuosity, you’ll have the
opportunity to hear from maritime influencers on key technical innovation and operational efficiency themes.

Through an expertly created agenda, Seatrade ShipTech London will cut through the noise and provide clarity on the risks, challenges and opportunities facing the market. The full conference agenda is engineered to address the challenges facing ship owners, managers and operators, yet still bearing significant relevance to key facilitators across the wider maritime chain.

Official Media Partners

The official media partners for Seatrade ShipTech London are Seatrade Maritime News and Seatrade Maritime Review.

Seatrade Maritime News delivers up-to-the-minute maritime news, focused on the key trends facing this global industry.

Written by an international team of highly experienced maritime correspondents, Seatrade Maritime News has a strong focus on operational, regulatory and technology related stories, including interviews with the biggest industry personalities and finacial market analysis.

Seatrade Maritime Review is the leading trade publication for the  maritime market and offers in-depth, accurate and authoritative analysis of the key themes shapping the future of the global shipping business.

Each issue of Seatrade Maritime Review contains a topical selection of news-driven feature articles, personality profiles, market analyses of major shipping segments, country & regional reports, and technical subjects.