UK Ship Register

UK Ship Register Seatrade Awards Sponsor

The UK Ship Register provides excellent customer service, we are a modern Flag, representing quality, with flexible options to suit our customers including:

The Enhanced Authorisation Scheme allowing all surveys and audits to be carried out by one of our Recognised Organisations around the world. 

• New package fee options allowing customers more choice and flexibility.

• We are moving towards becoming an ‘E’ Flag and the introduction of an on-line ship registration service, seafarer documents system and approved doctor system, which supports the Government digital by default strategy.


Our core values sum us up and the services we offer:

CUSTOMER SERVICE means just that. We make your journey a smooth one. Our focus is to build a valuable long-term relationship with you so that we can meet your needs and expectations.

We are A FLAG OF QUALITY, that is non-negotiable as are the standards that go with it. We are taking a leap into the 21st century, by putting many of our processes, registration, certification and verification online.

FLEXIBILITY MATTERS. One size doesn’t fit all. We offer options to suit you whatever you require as an owner or operator: different fee packages, competitive pricing, pay as you go, and no annual tonnage fees.

REPUTATION IS KEY. We are one of the best performing flags on the major Port State Control regimes and are highly ranked on the Paris and Tokyo MOU White lists and have Qualship 21 status.

The UK Ship Register A Quality Flag for Quality Owners