How to create an award winning entry

This year’s Awards will be presented at London’s prestigious Guildhall, on Friday 29th June.

The categories include Cyber Security, Digital Technology, Fuel efficiencySafety at SeaClean Shipping and Investment in People - all adjudicated by an independent panel of industry experts – as well as discretionary awards for Deal of the Year, Young Person of the Year, Global Performer, Personality of the Year and Lifetime Achievement.

Don’t miss out on the chance for your company to compete with the best at the Seatrade Awards 2019… and to help compile entries a handy list of 8 Top Tips is appended below.

8 top tips to write an award winning entry

Firstly, pick the right category

It goes without saying, but make sure you’re writing an entry submission within the right category. If you’ve written an outstanding entry for the Safety at Sea category, but in reality it is better suited towards Clean Shipping, you’ve missed out on an opportunity to really showcase your team and business. 

Structure is key

Before you even begin your entry, make sure you know how to tackle each question. For the three industry award categories, draft out some bullet points for each question and build out your answers. It may seem that you have a lot of questions to provide information for, but if you plan out each answer then you’ll be surprised at how much easier it is.

For the Deal of the Year and Intelligent Shipping Award categories, you may have less questions to answer but you still have to ensure the right information is in the right place. Again, bullet point the key facts then build your answer out. A great structure to keep in mind when writing your entry is to make your point, give the evidence and then explain.

Give yourself enough time

The last thing you want to be doing on the Wednesday 13 March 2019 is trying to piece together a full entry. Whilst it’s fine to still be making tweaks at this late stage, don’t leave yourself too much work to do.

Don’t forget; you’re showcasing the very best of your business. Make sure you and your team do it justice. The judges are looking for well written and concise entries.

Keep it simple

Whilst our panel of judges are industry experts, you should never assume that they already know about your product or initiative. Keep your use of language simple and the judges will thank you for it.

Get to the point

Our judges will have a large volume of entries to sift through. They want to be able to look at your entry and easily pick out the key points and supporting statements. Only include relevant information and avoid using unnecessary adjectives and ‘fluffy’ words.

Short, punchy sentences will have a greater impact on the judges.

Stick to the facts

Give the judges the information they need to know. Explain what you did, why you did it and include the business results. If your copy is starting to sound like a sales pitch, you’re going in the wrong direction.

Consider supporting information

You’re allowed to upload supporting documents with your entry for the Seatrade Awards, so if you think you have an important resource the judges need to see, make sure you upload it with your entry. Whilst it will be your entry they’re judging, don’t forget; solid supporting documents support winning entries.

Proof, proof and proof away

Finally, make sure you have proofed your entry for grammatical and spelling errors. There is nothing worse for a judge to see than a great entry riddled with spelling mistakes.