Mikael Karlsson - Northern Marine Group



Sustainable Supply Chain Management Award Judge

In a relationship and father of two boys currently working as head of Business Development at Northern Marine Group. In any free time I enjoy sailing with the family and fell close ties to the ocean. I am passionate about football and coach when time permits. 
Since 2006 have I worked in servicing the maritime and offshore market in various roles., working with people and take on activities that are difficult and challenging. I enjoy working in the maritime and offshore industry as it adds to personal development and is in constant change, never a boring minute,. In my 17 years years in Maritime and Offshore I have worked for only two organizations, and see myself as a loyal and committed person. I also chair the IMPAsave organization an environmental arm of IMPA where we front social and environmental initiatives. Understanding the ESG area better made return to school to educate myself in disruptive, sustainability, and economics around it all.