Maritime London



Maritime London is a not for profit promotional body for UK-based companies that provide professional services to the international shipping industry

Maritime London’s mission is to maintain and grow the UK’s position as the world’s leading provider of maritime professional services.

Maritime London key objectives in support of the mission are:

  • Actively promote the UK maritime business services offer to the primary international markets
  • Acting as a facilitator for those wanting to work with UK maritime services
  • Working with government and other bodies to ensure a regulatory framework exists in the UK for the maritime business service sector the thrive
  • Providing high-level networking, seminar and roundtable events to ensure members are informed and engaged on the latest developments within the sector

Membership of Maritime London is open to any company, organisation or individual that is able to demonstrate support for the UK’s maritime services sector on a global basis.

The Board of Directors is elected by and drawn from the diverse membership giving Maritime London its direction. This is augmented by two member only meetings each year where suggestions and ideas for the future are received.





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