How Seatrade Maritime Awards International Entries are Scored

Seatrade Maritime Awards International prides itself on a transparent and independent judging process that provides clarity and confidence to all involved.

By the time an entry has reached the winners’ stage, it has gone through two rounds of evaluation from a rigorous judging panel of senior industry executives focused on identifying the industry’s most significant achievements. 

Judging Process

Seatrade Maritime Awards International comprise of two rounds of judging from our esteemed Judging Panel members.

All entries are scored using a pre-determined scoring framework and the category criteria’s as a reference.

Round One

Judges review and score all entries submitted online within the category they are judging on a stand-alone basis without comparison to other entries within the category. The scoring is based on a 1-10 point scale per entry.

Scoring is done confidentially by each Judging Panel member and each entry is then reviewed by all Judging Panel members of that particular category.

The results of the scoring determine the shortlisted entries and a list of finalists is created.

Final Round 

The shortlisted entries are sent back to the judges to review individually and against finalists within the category prior to a final judging meeting.

For the final judging meeting, our Judging Panel comes together along with the Chair of Judges to discuss and choose the winners for each category. Members of the Seatrade team DO NOT take part within this meeting. The Chair of Judges manages the meeting to make sure this is done fairly without any input from Seatrade or anyone else outside of the room.

Scoring Criteria

Judges in Round One and Final Round are asked to evaluate each entry using the below scoring system.

One or more of the bullet points listed against each scoring interval should be true to justify the score.

Entries which demonstrate greater impact and innovation will be marked higher by the judges.

It is critical that all entrants provide evidence and substantiate claims in their entries. Judges are looking for great impact and innovation – a truly unrivalled entry. Simply entering impressive numbers, without any context, or submitting an entry which is not aligned with the category's criteria, will not make a winning entry for Seatrade Maritime Awards International.

1 - 2

  • No evidence provided to substantiate claims.
  • Entry is not connected to the category / cannot align with anything in the entry criteria.
  • No customer feedback.

3 - 4

  • Very little evidence provided to substantiate claims and the evidence that has been provided is lacking depth and/or validity.
  • The entry is loosely connected to the criteria but does not address key areas.
  • Vey little customer feedback has been considered or presented.

5 - 6

  • Evidence has been provided to substantiate most claims and has relative credibility and depth.
  • The entry broadly aligns with the criteria and addresses most key areas.
  • Customer feedback has been collected and used to measure success.

7 - 8

  • Evidence has been provided to substantiate all claims and has high credibility and depth.
  • Customer feedback has been collected, used to measure success and demonstrates the successful impact of the subject matter of the entry.
  • The entry strongly aligns with the criteria and addresses all key areas.

9 - 10

  • Evidence has been provided to substantiate all claims, has high credibility and depth and is highly sophisticated by comparative standards.
  • Customer feedback is embedded in all areas, used to measure success, demonstrates the successful impact of the subject matter of the entry and is being used to innovate and continually improve.
  • The entry strongly aligns with the criteria, addresses all key areas and can be undeniably considered as “Industry Leading”.