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An award for the application of digital innovation to solve an existing problem or pain point in the industry.

  • Define the type of digital innovation adopted by the company in the last 12 months and the scale in which it is applied.
  • Quantify investment in digital innovation.
  • How has the company used digital innovation to overcome pain points in dealings with customers or in-house processes.
  • Creation of a specific department or team to handle digital innovation.
  • An award for a company or institution that can clearly demonstrate how it has innovated to improve its environmental performance.

  • Describe the innovation the company is making that is beneficial to the environment (the innovation can be a physical investment, process or application).
  • Involvement in industry environmental initiatives.
  • Quantify environmental savings (e.g. Emissions reductions, power savings, reduction in waste, etc.).
  • Creation of a specific department or team to handle environmental matters.
  • An award specifically tailored to independent start-ups introducing new innovations in the maritime space.

  • An award for an independent, start-up company of less than three years old.
  • Describe the innovation the company has developed and demonstrated how they will help the industry.
  • What stage of development is the innovation currently at (such as testing, trials, etc.).
  • Describe the level of commercial availability of the innovation, if any.
  • What level of investment has the start-up attracted.

  • Awarding a company that shows that it puts sustainability, both socially and environmentally, at the forefront of its business operations.

  • Commitment to employee and community welfare.
  • Giving back to society via staff volunteering schemes and charity programmes to help society.
  • Involvement in initiatives to improve the environment in and around the area in which the company works.
  • Evidence of performance monitoring and reporting on these sustainability practices.
  • What are the KPIs and targets surrounding the company’s key sustainability issues.

  • This is an award for a company or institution that demonstrates a commitment to talent development and training both on- and offshore.

  • What programme does the company have to upgrade their staff skills.
  • Internship programmes and initiatives to bring in and develop young talent.
  • Quantify the investment in training and development.
  • Percentage of staff undergoing training in the last 12 months and type of training.
  • Involvement in government or industry-led schemes to develop talent.
  • Retraining to bring staff skills up to date in a changing market.

  • An award for a company or organisation that can demonstrate how it has gone the extra mile in the last 12 months to ensure employees’ or clients' safety.


  • A new safety initiative or programme or product that the company has rolled out in the last 12 months.
  • The rationale behind developing the new safety initiative or product.
  • What the initiative or product has achieved in terms of improved safety and/or safety awareness.
  • Demonstrate how the initiative or product will continue to work over the longer term to improve safety.

    This award is open to both third-party and in-house ship managers that demonstrates excellence in operations and commitment to both owners and crew.

  • Demonstrate how the company improves the cost and operational efficiencies for shipowner(s).
  • Quantify the company’s safety record and show how safety culture is put into action.
  • Explain the commitment the manager has to the welfare of its crew and their families.
  • Detail investments made in the last 12 months to benefit the manager’s principal(s).

  • An award that recognises a company that has had a significant effect on the region’s marine market and stands out among the crowd across all aspects of its business in a challenging market.

  • Show business profitability and financial strength (including the ability to raise financing).
  • Demonstration of commitment to the environment.
  • Contribution to the industry (e.g. Roles in associations, industry bodies, working groups, etc.).
  • Demonstration of adding value for the company’s customers in the last 12 months.
  • Commitment to staff, crew and their family’s welfare.
  • This is an award for a law firm that can demonstrate the highest level of commitment and expertise in the maritime legal sector in Asia.

  • Provide evidence on how the firm offers pre-emptive advice to clients.
  • Highlight a case or deal the firm has been involved in the last 12 months that makes it stand out.
  • Demonstrate and explain the expertise that the firms bring to specific maritime legal sectors.
  • Show the commitment of the firm to serving the maritime industry in Asia.

  • An award for a company that has delivered true fuel savings and efficiency improvements with the input of their workforce.

  • Set out initiatives undertaken to improve fuel efficiency.
  • Demonstrate innovations by the company that improve fuel consumption.
  • Explain how crew/staff are incentivised to improve fuel efficiency and made to feel they have ownership of these gains.
  • Quantify the gains from fuel efficiency in terms of cost and environmental performance.

  • An award for the classification society that can demonstrate an outstanding level of commitment to safety, standards and technical development of the maritime industries in Asia.

  • Work done to improve and refine industry standards.
  • Demonstrate how the company share data and knowledge for the benefit of the industry.
  • Involvement in working to meet shipping’s environmental goals for 2030 and 2050.
  • Quantify investment(s) in R&D and innovation(s).
  • Work done to improve the overall safety record of the maritime industry.
  • An award that recognises a significant business deal in the regional maritime industry which has positively contributed to the growth and sustainability of the region’s maritime sector in the last 12 months.


  • Quantify the commercial impact and monetary value of the deal.
  • Explain the strategic planning process involved in the completion of the deal, time frame for completion and number of parties involved.
  • Demonstrate the significance of the deal in the market and its contribution to the company's or client’s future growth.
  • Highlight any unusual or innovative aspects of the deal
    --- Speed to assimilate merged or acquired companies into parent’s framework (for M&A deals).

    Special Award Categories

    * Not open for entry submission. Judged by the Seatrade Editorial Board.

    This award recognises the tireless contribution of an individual to the development of Singapore’s marine industries both at home and abroad. It highlights the work this individual has done to promote Singapore’s marine industries bringing together the interests of a wide and diverse industry cluster. It also acknowledges their role in encouraging development of the sector and the raising of standards of safety and quality.


    Presented to highlight outstanding contributions made by a woman to the industry.

    Awarded to an individual who has made a major contribution to the shipping industry in any field.

    To honour an individual who has made a significant and lasting contribution to shipping and the maritime industry in Asia.